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Home Loans

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, upgrade your existing place or refinance at a better rate, getting the right mortgage advice can make a huge difference to your life. At Cape Finance we are here to simplify the process and explain everything you need to know.

We know which banks offer you the best deal so why not use our extensive knowledge and experience when applying for a loan. Even though you may have been through it all before, that doesn’t mean it will get any easier with bank policy and regulations constantly evolving.

Loans are what we do and after understanding your personal requirements, we will work hard to present you the best options out in the market place, so you can relax and take the stress out of the home loan process.

If you have an existing loan, why not make sure your bank is looking after you? A quick chat to us is all it takes to find out if you’re paying too much.

Investment Loans

Many Australians use investing in property as a way to create wealth and minimise tax. At Cape Finance we can arm you with the necessary information you will need to obtain finance and be confident you’re getting a great deal.

Don’t worry if you are new to the world of property investment, as we will walk you through the process and make everything easy to understand.

Whether you are after a single investment or on track to building a large portfolio, we will help you find the most appropriate loan and structure the finance to help reach your goals.

You may already have equity built up in your existing property. This can minimise the deposit you will need when purchasing your next investment. Talk to us today to find out more.

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Commercial Loans

Whether it be to purchase new premises, develop your existing location or buy an investment, we will help share our wealth of knowledge so you can make the right decision.

There are many things to consider when financing a commercial property and our dedicated team will help you structure the loan so that it best meets your requirements.

We can source lenders that will use either your residential or commercial property (or a combination) as security for your loan. In some cases the lending can be unsecured or secured against the business itself.

If you are a property developer and are looking to refinance the debt once your project is complete, let us help you explore the many finance options available in the market before making a decision.

Plant & Equipment

Looking to expand and grow your business and want to know which options are right for you? Let one of our experienced finance specialists help you understand the various ways to get there.

Be it a lease, equipment loan or hire purchase, our access to a wide range of lenders will help retain cash in your business while we put in the hard work to find the right equipment finance package for you.

Whether you are ready to grow your existing business or just starting out, we can assist in financing a range of business equipment; such as vehicles, telephony systems, IT hardware, forklifts, scaffolding, fit-outs and more.

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Motor Finance

We can help finance anything, from your first car to a fleet of vehicles for your business. It doesn’t even have to be a car. We also assist with motor bikes, caravans, boats, leisure vehicles, helping to match your requirements with the right type of finance. If it’s for business purposes you may have the added advantage of claiming the loan as a tax deduction.

Do yourself a favour and talk to us before proceeding with any car yard finance. We have seen far too many cases of people being taken advantage of by clever marketing and misleading interest rates. At Cape Finance we believe in genuine up front advice so you know exactly what you’re applying for without all the hidden nasty surprises.


Did you know that running your own super fund lets you take control of your retirement savings. Just about anyone can start their own Self Managed Super Fund. By using specialised lending products we can assist you obtain finance to purchase a property with the added benefit of recourse limited to the property.

We work closely with the lenders to take advantage of recent regulation changes to help you match an investment strategy with the appropriate finance. Start the ball rolling on your very own retirement nest egg today.

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